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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Call that snowy weather?

Had to go back to Fort William again today and here's the view from approximately the same spot as yesterday (except I didn't get out of the car!)

South of Glen Coe is Rannoch Moor. It's fairly high and exposed and this is what it looked like on the way up. I passed a tanker on its side in the ditch, but didn't have my camera ready.

The weather got much worse on the way back, and some motorists came to grief. The wind was so strong that it would have been easy to have been blown off of the road.

The snow gates were closed soon after I'd passed through, so I was lucky to get home. Further South there wasn't much snow, but there was very strong winds, heavy rain, and I passed a lot of serious flooding as many rivers had burst their banks. The 'serious' winter's with us now!

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  1. Looks like the weather back East in Ohio where I sorta of hail from. Also seen it like that in Korea as well. Nothing like it here in south Texas.