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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Can't wait until Friday....

Click here!


  1. Tell us what´s happening on Friday, today!

  2. It´s a miracle, I managed to post a comment at last! You CAN post comments on a single!

  3. Ahhhh....that just don't tell me that is really some sort of methane digester on the back of that bike.

  4. Sorry, Nothing exciting happening. It's just that I usually have a 'Friday bike', but when I saw this one I decided to post it early. Now that you can post I'll have to start writing interesting things!

    Yes, Larry, I think it is! Imagine being out for a run and having to wait at the side of the road until you could 'refuel' it! If you didn't 'need to go' you could ask a passer by!