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Friday, 16 December 2011

We don't need no ejucashun

What's wrong with this listing on Ebay?

Spotted it? Yes, although the label on the boots clearly points out that they are lined with Gore-Tex, the seller has listed them as gortex. This means that people searching for Gore-Tex boots won't find them, but someone using a search engine like FatFingers will. As a result I now have a nice pair of Gore-Tex boots that cost £20!
They appear to be standard issue British Army boots, so they have probably come out the back door of a barracks, which means that I have bought something that I've already paid for with my taxes! And very nice they are too. I've been for a walk round the snow covered streets of my village and can report that they are nice and warm, the soles grip well on snow, and they are fairly comfortable despite being a bit new and stiff. When they wear in a bit they should be very comfortable, and being lined with Gore-tex, completely waterproof.  They are also robust enough to wear on a bike, so would be good for going places where I know I need to walk about a lot.
I'm amazed how many wrongly spelled listings there are on Ebay, and through FatFingers I've managed to buy things for a lot less than the 'right' price - how about a nice new Arai helmet from a shop that spelled it 'Aria' for a third of the usual price? Type in Aprilia and be amused by how many people are listing bikes and scooters, but can't copy the name from the tank correctly (11 today!)
Even fairly easy words like 'waterproof', 'motorbike' and 'motorcycle' bring up loads of misspellings, so there are bargains to be had. Let's hope the much reported drop in educational standards continues.
Come on now children, sing along -'We don't need no ejucashun'.

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