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Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday bike

'Batgirl' bike from the 60s 'Batman' television series.

Based on a Yamaha YDS-5E (250cc 2 stroke twin), and actually ridden (including the stunts) by actress Yvonne Craig.. More details, including the truly dreadful Batgirl theme, here.


  1. This is very Penelope Pitstop! I love it. Is that a parasol on the front?

  2. God, the tune is awful ...

  3. Strangely, whereas I can remember the Batman television series (very popular at the time), I have no recolection of Batgirl, (or the awful theme tune!!). I wonder if the later series in which she appeared weren't shown on British television.
    However, even as a small boy I found something inexplicably alluring about Catwoman, I think it might have been her close fitting costume.......