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Monday, 31 December 2012

Round up of 2012

2012 has been an interesting and varied year for me. Going back to January, the highlight was buying my Honda CL350 'project'.

One of those bikes that I've always wanted, and when one turned up at the right price, I couldn't resist. I'd hoped to have it back on the road by now, but other things have cropped up and I really just haven't had time. Next year... honestly...

First real event of the year was the IFA Day in April. A good chance to meet up with people at the Bus Museum.

Next up was our trip to France for the Coupes Moto Legende. The first time I'd managed abroad on the bike for a few years, and thoroughly enjoyed.
Even ending up in France by myself for nearly a week wasn't a problem and I got to ride on lots of good roads. Another trip to France next year is already at the planning stage – more later.

July saw a return to France, unfortunately without the bike, for the Etape du Tour. This involved a LOT of driving on mountain roads in an unfamiliar van, but I did see lots of places I intend to revisit on the bike.

I had been planning a two week trip on the bike at the start of September. My plan was to ride to the south Coast, get the ferry to France, and ride the length of the Pyrenees taking in the high passes. Based on the 'Raid Pyrenean' cycle route.

After that I'd planned on spending a couple of days in Barcelona, then making my way back through France taking in the Gorges d'Ardeche and the Massif Central.
Unfortunately, at this point things go so bad at work that I had to leave. The situation had been going steadily downhill for a year or so, and looking back, I'm surprised I stuck it as long as I did.
I'd started applying for other jobs, so cancelled the holiday in case a prospective employer wanted to contact me. As it turned out, no-one did and I could have gone. Oh well, the Pyrenees will have to wait for another day!
This meant that I was now unemployed for the first time in 35 years, so cut back on what I was spending on bikes while I looked for another job. On the positive side, it gave me more time to get work done, and as I write this I've nearly got my white Traveller rebuilt and back on the road (I'll write an article about that later), and I'll soon be starting on the Honda.

Round about this time a group of us started having 'breakfast runs' at Brig O'Turk and the
Riverside Museum. Hopefully these will continue next year when the weather improves.

And that's basically it for this year. I hope you all have a good time over New Year, and I'll post soon about my plans for 2013.


  1. Happy New Year Norman. Interesting that you and Iain have identical CL 350's. I might try to start my SL 350 up today, after I fix the flat rear tire. Have enjoyed reading your blog, look forward to another year.