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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Return of a Friday bike

Some time ago, (OK, I'm too lazy to look back), I featured the NVT Tracker as my Friday bike. This was an attempt by Norton Villiers Triumph to enter the small trail bike market with a Yamaha DT 125/175 engined model. Very rare (I've never seen one), so it was a surprise to see not one, but two currently for sale on British Ebay.

First bike is a 175, an indication of how few there were, this one's frame number is 42! Link.

The other one is  a restored 125:


  1. I remember reading something about them in CBG a couple of years would've interesting to see how they would've done back then with the proper R&D.

    If I recall, the old boy who had that in CBG took it to a Norton Rally of some sort and there was a lot of Yes it is, No it's not about it being a Norton. Finally good sense prevailed and it was decided to be a Norton.

  2. I think that the main problem was that you could buy a Japanese bike (including the Yamaha that donated the engine) for the same price, and know there was a dealer network and spares backup in place. A shame as it was a good looking bike.
    Seems like the Norton owners are a bit more broadminded than the MZ Riders. They never accepted the Skorpion or other later models, so I was always told 'it's not a REAL MZ' when I went to rallies.