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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

BSA rarity

Saw a bike on Ebay that I had completely forgotten about - a BSA Beaver.
In about 1979 - 81, NVT (owners of the BSA name) built a number of 50cc bikes using an Italian Morini Franco engine. (A different company to the Moto Morini V-twins).
There were a number of variations of this bike:
BSA Boxer


An incomplete BSA Brigand - only picture I could find

I can't remember ever seeing any of these, so I've no idea how few were built or sold. At the time there was a very small market for these in the UK (16 year olds), and there were plenty of Japanese and Italian bikes (along with the DDR built Simson) that did the same thing for about the same price.


  1. I had one of the BSA GT50 bikes. Whereas a lot of the jap peds had flaky chrome and garish paint jobs, this looked much more upmarket with stainless brightwork and a tasteful black and gold look. I had to return the Boxer side panels and had them replaced with GT50 ones, because BSA said BMW had complained about them using the Boxer name! Lovely intro to motorcycling.

  2. had a gt50 boxer in the same colour as above - used to go like crazy if you removed the silencer !!!!
    my first bike at 16 and holds great memories - sreaming along lying on the tank !!!

  3. I to used to have a boxer, my friend also had one mine slightly faster. The Boxer was the only unrestricted moped at the time this was to give BSA a better chance to sell. used to go Blackpool/Southport at the weekends a round journey of 90 miles, had 64mph slipstreaming behind a Mini? Great times and good memories!