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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Monte Carlo Rally

Was in Glasgow today for the start of the Monte Carlo Rally. This was held at Glasgow Green which also includes the People's Palace and Winter Gardens.

My wedding reception was held inside the Winter Gardens, so it was good to see that due to a change in the law, wedding ceremonies can now also be held there. The Council (who own the building) was promoting it as a wedding venue.

Outside there is the Doulton Fountain, the largest terracotta fountain in the world, and includes Queen Victoria looking down onto representatives of her Empire.

Looking onto the Green is the wonderful Templeton Business Centre. Amazing to think that such an ornate building was originally a carpet factory!

The People's Palace is a museum of the social history of the people of Glasgow (well worth a visit), and here's an example of what you'll find there – an anti-alcohol poster.

Although, if you grew up in the West of Scotland, this is more to the point!

Back to the Rally – outside, the competitors cars were starting to assemble, and what a variety there was.

I took LOADS of photos, so follow this link to see them here.

Whilst people were waiting for the start, they were entertained by this trad jazz group

The crowd were starting to build and there was still another hour until the start. I'd seen most of the cars so didn't wait. Stuart did and has posted here.
When I got home, I heard that 15,000 people had turned up. How many football teams could draw a crowd like that?

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