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Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday bike

 BSA Tempest prototype

This was built in 2003 by BSA-Regal (former MZ importer) and featured a Rhind-Tutt Wasp engine, (1000cc twin designed for sidecar motocross). Interesting looking bike, but it never reached production.


  1. I remember reading about that one in the magazines. Looked like a promising prototype.

  2. I saw that article and though that it looked like a fresh new start. Pity it didn't get off the ground like others before it; Fury/Bandit, MC-1, Triumph Quadrent, Norton Tri-lastic.

  3. It is a true shame that this never made it to production. Looking at the retro trends that have come to us since 2003, I think it could have revived the BSA name. It seems that buyers want this type of pure motorcycle, Triumph has boomed and Royal Enfield are still thriving. I wonder where this bike is now?