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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Landmarks

I always try and go for a run on the bike on New Year's Day (weather permitting) as it feels like a 'proper' start to the year. Also, mr combo had posted his 'Landmarks' photos, a collection of photos of his bikes alongside a number of landmarks from a list he posted at the start of last year.
To be honest, I'd actually forgotten about this until he's posted his pictures, so decided to combine the 'Landmarks' and my New Year ride. So it was up early (one of the advantages of not drinking - I can get up early on New Year's Day!), and out on a cold, wet, and dark morning to take some photos (note some of them needed flash - it was that dark!

No. 1:  a castle
Newark Castle, Port Glasgow

No. 2: a telephone box
(do I get an extra point for including a postbox as well?)

No. 3: a postbox

No. 4: a flag (or two)

No. 5: an animal

No. 6: a bridge
(Actually a bridge, in a Bridge, next to a bridge - the bike is on a bridge over a river, in the town of Bridge of Weir, with an old railway bridge in the background)

No. 7: a body of water
(in this case, a body of water that shouldn't be there. It's a flooded field, what'll happen if the water gets as high as the electrical building below the mast?)

No. 8: a religious building

No. 9: a barber shop
(this is my friend Jane's shop)

No. 10: a salvage yard
(this one does architectural salvage - note the strange model 'mouse'!)

No. 11: a railway station
Wemyss Bay Station

(look at the ironwork inside!)

No. 12: a sports ground
(Inverkip Bowling Club)

No. 13: a boat
(The Comet)


No. 14: graffiti
(sorry this so poor but I really struggled to find any. Seems to gone out of fashion)

No. 15: a statue

No. 16: rust
(will have to stick some paint on that!)

No. 17: rain
(could have used any of the other photos!)

No. 18: a petrol pump

No. 19: a roadsign
(another of Scotland's pointless bilingual roadsigns. How many people in Greenock speak Gaelic? Any? Certainly far fewer than speak Polish, Urdu or Cantonese, so why aren't there signs in those languages?)

No. 20: a memorial
(Free French Navy memorial, Greenock)


 I really enjoyed going out to take these photos as it gave my New Year's Day ride more of a purpose. Another one for this year?

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  1. Good effort Norman Mr Thistledown will be proud of you.