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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bike events in 2014 (part 2)

Some more events for you:

Firstly, one of mr combo's favourites - the Stella Alpina. This event is held every year in the town of Bardonecchia in the Italian Alps on the second Sunday in July. (the 13th next year)
It's a very low key event where riders ride up a windy unsurfaced road to the snowline, where they are given a badge for completing the course.
Understandably, it is mostly trail styled bikes that do this, but judging by the photos, plenty of people manage it on road bikes.
There doesn't seen to be an 'official' website, but there's one here with lots of photos of events over the years. As the website says, even if you don't plan on riding up the hill, there's still a great atmosphere and a lot of socialising in the town over the weekend.
Really good series of posts by a couple who went on a Ural outfit here. (Lots of photos).
*** UPDATE *** Found a video of the Stella.

Next is the Faro Rally in Faro, Southern Portugal. No dates yet for next year's event, but it is usually mid July. A huge event, it attracts riders from all over Europe. Perhaps a bit too 'heavy metal and customs' for me (not to mention, much too hot), but if that's your thing, well worth a visit.
Here's a video of this year's event to give you a taste of what to expect. Don't quite understand why they have a 'wet t-shirt competion' in a country where you can go to the beach and see topless women, but there you go.

Last one for tonight is next year's Coupes Moto Legende at the Dijon-Prenoir Circuit in France. This is the event we went to last year. Huge event with a good mixture of race, road and classic bikes. This was possibly the biggest and best motorcycle event I've ever been to and one I plan to go to again one year. Next year's event will be on the weekend of 31st May - 1st June. Video of this year's event:

I'll add more events later. If you're thinking of going to anything let us know, and those that do to events, remember to take lots of photos, post them somewhere and I'll add a link.

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