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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Spanish superbike

Some time ago I featured the Ossa Yankee 500. This was built in the early 70s by basically bolting two of their 250cc single cylinder two stroke engines together. Very few were built and the bike is now a rarity. They obviously thought that 'if we can do it once, then we can do it twice', and built the Byra 1000cc four.
The engine was fitted into the existing 500 frame, and was a bit on the wide side!.

The bike was first used for endurance racing and debuted at the 1972 24 hour race at Montjuic in Barcelona, where Ossa were based. Unfortunately the bike didn't finish.

It also ran in the 1973 race:

There's very little information on the Web about this bike other than it didn't reach production. A few examples exist, one in a museum in Barcelona.

And this one I found on the Web.


  1. Your finding some odd ones I've never seen. Wonder what the power band on this monster was like?

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