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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Skorpion fan?

OK, a bit contrived, but it's just a question of spelling!

Lady Gaga recently appeared on the cover of Candy magazine in this Daliesque pose which includes a scorpion, so it's slightly relevant to a blog about MZ Skorpions.
This cover has created some controversy, but I imagine that's what the magazine and Ms Gaga intended. After all, she's been recently upstaged by Miley Cyrus as the 'most outrageous pop person', so she's just raising the stakes a bit.
I took a sort of 'editorial decision' and cropped the photo as you see somewhat more of Ms. Gaga on the magazine cover, but if you want to see the complete photo click here or not – you choose.
Personally I'm very shocked and outraged by this – not the photo of Ms. Gaga, but by the fact that there are people out there who will purchase what describes itself as 'the first transversal style magazine' (whatever that means!) at a cover price of €45 / UK £43 / USA $65 ! I'm in the wrong business!!

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