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Sunday, 22 December 2013

CL350 headlight bracket

I've done a bit of work on the CL since my last post about it. A lot of small bits and pieces have been cleaned and painted, and corroded fasteners replaced. I had a problem with the headlight mounts.

Water gathers on top of the bottom yoke (triple tree) and caused the bracket to rust. The chrome brackets were only fitted for a couple of years (other years were painted), and are now completely unobtainable. I've seen ones almost as tatty as mine selling for nearly £100, so it was out with some epoxy and a patch cut from a drinks can.
Glued in place. I couldn't remove the reflector as the screw was so rusted in the bracket would tear first.
Some very smelly filler filled the gap.
It was smoothed once hardened, and covered with some silver paint. Not brilliant, but as it's on the 'inside' it probably won't be seen.

More reports of work later....

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