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Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday bike

Spotted this on Ebay.
It's a home made caravan based on a Soviet built 'Tula Muravey' scooter trike.
The Muravey was based off of the two wheeled Tula scooter and features a 200cc two stroke engine with a four speed gearbox.
This is what a standard Muravey looked like. I don't know what the power output is, but the later 'improved' version had an increased output of 10 bhp!
This proves that not only can you tour on a single, you can spend the night in one as well! Not sure that it would be an ideal vehicle for a tour taking in high Alpine passes!
Should this have whetted your appetite, it's listed on Ebay here. Don't all try and outbid each other!

Found this video in what I assume is Russian. Don't know what the guy is saying, but he demonstrates a Muravey in action:

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