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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Honda CB 350 rebuild

As regular readers (are there any?) will know, I've got a 1972 Honda CL 350 that's undergoing a leisurely (ie very slow) rebuild. One day it will look as good as this one (honestly!)
I was sent a link to a large number of videos on YouTube of an owner in Canada who's rebuilding a CB 350, the CL's road cousin which shares about 90% of its parts. It'll take a long time to watch all of the videos as some are very long, but it should help with my restoration and any others being carried out.
Interestingly, the CB 350 has a front disc brake. Models sold here in the UK only came with a drum, so I don't know if this is a model we didn't get or the brake was updated later.
This is the first in the series:

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  1. In 1973 the disc brake equipped CB 350 G model was introduced.Then in 1974 the 360 models were introduced for a short 2 year run.Maybe they didn't sell them over your way, (the G model that is ). I did buy a basket case CB 350 G that I eventually restored and then sold on. It was one of the most abused and worn out Hondas I ever came across. Essentially I used the frame and cases, and replaced most of it with parts from other bikes. Still working on my SL 350...maybe this summer...?