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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another long day

Yesterday, mr. combo, Terry and I set off to collect mr. combo's latest purchase. It had to be collected from near Huddersfield, so it was an about 4 hours drive each way, plus loading and unloading the van and getting home. I left the house about 08:45 and got in about 23:30, and we never really had any time when we weren't doing something.
No doubt mr combo will post about his new purchase, but here he is just after we'd loaded it into the van.
...and now you're all mine - myyyy preciousssssss.....

Near where we collected the bike we saw a street where vagabonds and scoundrels live (Central Scottish joke!)

A good, if long, day out, and it's amazing how much rubbish three men can talk on a journey!

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