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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

This event was planned as a number of motorcyclists going for a run on their bikes whilst dressed in smart suits. However, to prove the power of the Web, once news of it had spread, numerous other rides took place all over the world. I had e-mailed a few of my friends suggesting we have our own one here in Scotland, but nobody got back to me as they thought I wasn't serious!
As it turned out, the planned day, September 30th, was so wet here that we'd have to have worn diving suits! Oh, well better luck next year!

As you can see from the organisers' website, numerous rides did take place, see blogs and I've stolen a number of pictures and videos from them




London (extra cool points for the lady in matching red coat and Indian!)

 And best of all, the Madrid ride was even featured on television

Mo will be along in a minute with a translation, but they are either saying 'look at these distinguished gentlemen on their fine motorcycles', or 'look at that bunch of idiots!'

Talking of Spain, we all know Dali was there in spirit!

It wasn't just gentlemen, there were also some ladies taking part.  

 I say, ding dong!

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  1. Norman,
    Ive just found your page, I too am a fan of the DGR, drop me a message if your on facebook, im under Scotland cafe racer.
    Ive been thinking of doing something for it this year, im from Falkirk