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Monday, 1 October 2012

Goodwood Revival

To kind of make up for my post about banger racing, here's something a bit more respectful of old cars.
In September each year the Goodwood Revival is held. It's a big show dedicated to classic vehicles, aircraft, fashion, etc.

As you can see, a lot of visitors really get into the spirit of the event and dress accordingly. However, as it's held at a racetrack, there are lots of demonstration laps and proper races. I found one for early 60s cars, and it's really interesting to see so many different cars are taking part, - who would have thought that a Mini and a Jag would be so close on the track. Although I think using a Ford Galaxie is cheating a bit as they weren't sold here!


  1. Ah, the 'Galaxie' class Ford. No kidding,with a 390 V-8 and a body as wide as the race track...
    My grandfather drove a 1964 Galaxie wagon for years and hauled a huge Boles-Aero trailer all over most of the US and Canada. Occasionally I'll see one of those old boats in use around town here.

  2. I knew nothing about this car so had a look on the Web. The '390' Larry refers to was 390 cu in, or 6.4 litres! The ones racing here are the '500' version with a 427 cu in , or 7 litre engine! These put out 425 bhp - no wonder it was so fast!! Even the Jaguar 'only' had a 3.8 litre engine, and that was thought of as big for its time.

    1. I wondered about those cars, so they were running the race motors. Shelby ran the 427 in the AC Cobra as substitute for cubic inches as they say.