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Monday, 16 January 2012

Another Classic Advert

Rivetts Leathers. Mmmmm, nice! Except they weren't. I bought a gaudily coloured Rivetts leather jacket in 1979 and within 6 months the imitation silk liner had fallen apart, and one time my bike fell off its stand and as I bent over to pick it up I heard a ripping sound. Half the seam that held one of the sleeves onto the body had given way under the strain! You don't want to imagine what would have happened if you'd fallen off wearing rubbish like this!
But we put up with it because it's what was expected. All motorcycle clothing back in the 70s was rubbish - you were lucky if gloves lasted a year, and I bought a pair of very expensive 'Lewis Leathers' boots ('as worn by the Police'), and these too had disintegrated within a couple of years. Don't even start me on 'waterproofs'!
Most people used to wear Dr Marten boots or ex-German Army 'paraboots' as they were cheaper and no worse than 'proper' motorcycle boots. If it was raining heavily, out came the Wellingtons.
As far as clothing is concerned, there were no 'good old days', you were always cold and wet!

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