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Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday bike

Each week I try and find a picture of an exotic or unusual bike for your amusement. However, I received a comment from my friend Mo who said that although she always looked at the Friday Bike, she had no interest in bikes, but was more interested in men who rode them.
So, specially for Mo, here's a hunky chap on a bike:

This unusual 'piano sidecar' is used by the Purple Helmets display team, as they are British, they fit neatly into the most recent post on Mo's blog!


  1. Reminiensent (spelling) of Monty Pythins Nude Organist aka Terry Jones

  2. Fine figure of a man! Glad to see that he's wearing his safety-helmet.

    1. So modest I never knew you could play the piano.

  3. I'm so glad that wasn't a video clip.

  4. Well I´m speechless! This gentleman from the "display" team is displaying rather more than one would want. He does however fit very neatly into my argument that Spanish men are better than Brits! Thanks for the plug Norrie!

  5. Video? Did someone say video?