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Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday bike

This one's a bit, well, different. Take a Moto Guzzi engine, turn it through 90 degrees, and build it into a sort of 'minimalist cafe racer'. Whilst I admire the vision and engineering skill required to build something like this, I don't really see the point myself. But there's enough room in the world for all sorts of different views and ideas, and it would be a lot more boring place if we all rode the same bikes. Website.


  1. At first glance I thought it was one of those 'Nostalgia' V-twins that used Chevy V-8 parts to make up a big twin. Interesting, but if it had been my engine I'd left it as was.

  2. As you know Norman I can´t get passionate about bikes, or at least not any more. If I´m honest, I always preferred the guy ON the bike to any bike I was ever acquainted with. However, I do like the symbolic value of the motorbike - freedom and the open road and I do find bikes aesthetic. So I enjoy your Friday bikes even though my vision blurs a bit over your expert appraisals. Sorry!