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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Soviet Car Museum

Perhaps the word 'museum' is stretching it a bit far, more like 'old cars dumped in a field and left to rust'. Nevertheless, lots of really good photos here.
Liked this old rally car that has badges from a London - Sydney rally. Wonder if it made it?

I found this on the wonderful 'English Russia' website, full of really interesting articles and pictures, both past and present, from the former Soviet Union. Of particular interest are the 'Automotive' and 'Technology' sections, but all of it is an insight into what is the largest country in the world. One thing that surprised me was the level of censorship. I wouldn't have thought that modern day Russia was a particularly prurient country, but you find things like this:
It was from an article on a giant opencast mine (with equally giant machinery), and part way through there seems to have been a fashion shoot. Whether this is censored for a Russian readership, or as the website is in English, a presumably US one I don't know, but someone somewhere thinks that if we see bottoms or breasts we might be mentally scarred!
Despite the censorship, it's still well worth a visit.

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