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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


As you might know I've got a Skorpion website. I've had this for at least 5 or 6 years, and the original idea was to keep articles and technical data about Skorpions on it. At the time I set it up, there was virtually no information available, so I thought it would be a good idea to collect anything we could find and store it in the one place.
I was a member of the MZ Riders Club at the time and originally offered to author pages on their website about Skorpions. Unfortunately, the Club had become quite hostile towards the later, post German reunification models, and I didn't even receive a reply to my offer from the Committee.
So that left mr. combo and myself to set up the website and collect information. Once it was up and running it proved to be quite popular with a number of people contributing articles and information to it.
Technology moved on and the online forum became more popular. I was involved in a couple of these, and although they were fun for a while, unless someone has the time and inclination to carefully moderate them, they end up full of spammers, or hijackers who use it to promote their own views or just use if for abusing people.
So the next move is to have a blog like this one. It's more 'one sided' than a forum as the owner posts the articles and hopes people reply, but it gives the owner the ability to filter out irrelevant and abusive posts. So far, this blog seems to be fairly popular and successful judging by the number of visits, so let's hope that I can continue to write stuff that keeps people visiting! Which is the thing that can't be said about my website. Over the last year the number of visits has diminished to a trickle, and I haven't had a comment left for over a year. It's up for renewal and I've decided not to renew it. This means that the website will disappear in the next 2 weeks or so. I've copied everything from it into my computer, so some of it might be regurgitated onto this blog.
So, 'watch this space' as someone once said.
My Skorpion in France 2001 (back in the days when it was white)


  1. Aye Norman, that's the problem with websites and forums; tend to get as you say.

    I was on a few classic bike forums and they tended to get vere towards the juvenile and get taken over by those who tried to monopolize them for their own use.

    A blog can be controlled like you said with as much or little content as wanted. In my own case, it's been dead around these parts so it tends to keep things a wee bit lacking as far as content. Probably goes in cycles.

  2. Hi Norman,
    I still hit the website occasionally to refresh my memory on the "how-to" and "where to find it" articles. Thanks for saving the info.
    Enjoying the blog..
    Bill R