Sunday 20 May 2012

Coupes Moto Legende - not long now!

After all the planning, our trip to France is nearly upon us. On Wednesday, me, mr combo, Terry, and Gareth will be heading off to the Coupes Moto Legende near Dijon. I'll be going on my Traveller, mr combo on his Triumph Sprint ST, Terry on his Skorpion Tour and Gareth on his Derbi Mulhacén Café 659.

 This means that 3 of the 4 of us will, in keeping with the title of this blog, be 'Touring on Singles'.
 I had a 'test pack' of my luggage and found that I ended up with plenty of room left. This means that either am I very disciplined, or I've forgotten something! Knowing how paranoid I am, I'll spend the next couple of days racking my brain trying to think about 'the forgotten thing'!

I've had a look on the Web, and the weather for the time we'll be there doesn't look too bad.

Looks like I'll be packing my lightweight kilt and my Borat style mankini!!!

My plan is to try and update the blog and my Facebook page from my netbook while I'm away. Whether or not I manage to do this is another question!
Will take LOTS of photos and videos and will post them when I get back.


  1. Looking forward to seeing all the pics from what sounds like a really fantastic event. Just watched the vid at one of your traveling mate's blog. Here's to good weather.

  2. I'll wish for you guy's to have the most excellent weather, and I'm looking forward reading your adventures.
    Kind regards,

    George-a-little bit-jealous-from-the Netherlands