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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friday bike

Now for a piece of 70s exotica! A unique opportunity has arisen to purchase one of the meanest, toughest, and down right  hard core motorcycles ever produced - The Fantic Chopper!!

Forget Harley Davidson, forget Triumph twins; what you want powering your 'iron steed' is a rattly 125cc 2 stroke engine. If you're not ready to be one of the 'Wild Ones', they also produced a 50cc version (for 'Mild Ones').
Be the envy of your local Hells Angels - have girls throwing themselves at you feet - when you cruise into town on your 'Italian Stallion'!
It's on Ebay at the moment - so don't delay, bid today - If you're man enough!!!


  1. Somehow I don't picture the 'Angels' that live in my neighborhood being envious of a Fantic Chopper...actually I'd rather not picture them at all... It does have all the elements of a Chopper. I imagine it is the first 'factory chopper'. I had my fill of choppers back in my moto-wrenching days. Most of them were evil handling and dangerous creations. Sometimes we would refuse to ride them if we deemed them unsafe after a tune up, or rebuild. Now the Fantic looks like it would handle O.K., and with 125 cc's probably couldn't get into too much trouble...

  2. A factory chopper that I'd never heard of:

    Don't all bid at once!!!