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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Interesting sculpture/fountain of the week

This time it's not the sculpture that's 'interesting', but the reaction of some people to it. An artist in Arizona has unveiled a (distinctly unerotic) nude statue, but people seen to find something in it to complain about.
Here's a bit of video of an article on television. statue
You could not imagine for a moment that anyone in Europe would object to a sculpture like this on grounds of it being 'shocking'. Not particularly interesting, yes; or not of very high artistic merit, possibly; but certainly not offensive.
I find it very strange that the US is moving further and further away from Europe culturally and morally, whilst moving closer to a country like Iran - I thought they were supposed to be the 'bad guys'.


  1. to say it Norman but this country isn't as "enlightned" as we make out. There's no end to the number of people/groups that are offended or upset by something and they use whatever means to make sure others aren't "Offended" as well.

    Who they are, take your pick, they could be anyone.

  2. If she was 36-26-36 would the reaction be the same?

  3. Now them there is fightin' words feller...Ha ha ha! Yeah the U.S. is hard to figure at times. With 50 states it's kinda like 50 countries at times. Well she's beyond Rubenesque...and not exactly like what I remember of the early 'Venus' figures from art classes...more like a comment on over consumption...(he says as he wolfs down a burger). He did get reactions, which is some measure of success as an art piece I suppose...