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Friday, 18 May 2012

Safety always

I don't think I've posted this one before on the blog, but it's an interesting look at motorcycling in 1965.

Lots to look out for here:
Like how Tom's gauntlets are so wide that rain water would run down his sleeves and fill them up.
I take it he's got some kind of throttle lock that allows him to take away with hand off the bars.
Had white line paint not been invented yet?
Lots of cool old cars (spot the bubble car at 3:00).
Tom really likes hand signals, doesn't he?
Despite comments on YouTube about Tom not stopping for the lady at the crossing (5:34), at that time the rule was that someone wanting to cross signalled to road users to stop by placing one foot on the road.
Note guest appearance by Spandau Ballet at 7:26!

Here's one produced by BMW in the 70s. I remember seeing this at the 'BMW Roadshow' when they launched the R100RS.

I remember thinking the way the rider 'spins' the bike on its stand at 0:54 was cool. What they didn't tell you was that doing this wore your stand so much that it snaps! Don't ask!

Now for those of us who grew up in the 70s, Donald Pleasance voicing one of the scarier public information films.

"Oi! look there's sumun' in tha w'ota" See, people talked like that before Eastenders!

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