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Friday, 25 May 2012

France - Day 3

We'd decided to have a day off the bikes and spent some time playing at tourists. Dijon is a very historic city with plenty of interesting buildings and very ornate architecture. Our hotel is right in the city centre, which is fairly compact, so there was a lot to see on our doorstep.
The road outside the hotel was having a tram line laid, and occasionally 'test trams' went past.
Beat that, Edinburgh!

Even at 09:00 it was fairly warm and we soon found a large street market where a patisserie stall supplied our breakfast. We spent the day wandering about looking at things and taking photos. We had a lunchtime break for a drink, followed by some superb (and fairly cheap) sandwiches from one of the numerous food shops.
As the day wore on, it got a lot hotter and I spotted this sign outside a pharmacy.

The afternoon was spent with more sightseeing and wandering about, until we had to go back to the hotel for a rest. Around 18:00 I went out for another wander and to buy postcards, and I was aware of lots of bikes starting to appear outside hotels. Many from other areas of France, and I saw some from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. No doubt they were in town for this weekend's event!
I've copied today's photos to flickr and mr combo has posted on his blog. Here's a couple of photos to give you a taster.

One bit of sad news however. We got a message from Terry about his breakdown. He EVENTUALLY was relayed home, arriving in the early hours of the morning. After a few hours sleep, he set to work tracing the electrical fault. It turned out to be an intermittently bad earth connection, but by the time he'd found and fixed it, it would mean that he would have to get the ferry on Friday, meaning he wouldn't arrive in Dijon until Saturday evening, thereby missing half of the Coupes Moto Legende. As this was the main reason for the trip, he decided on not travelling.
We can all imagine just how gutted he must feel at missing a trip he'd been looking forward to for so long.

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  1. What a shame. Terry´s missing a great trip - hope another trip can be organized pretty soon. Dijon is just lovely (from your photos)and logically, very un-Spanish! I´m enjoying your trip N.