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Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday bike

Ho, ho, ho, - this is going to upset some people!!
Contemporary artist Grayson Perry, more well known as a ceramicist, has turned his attention towards motorcycles and created a Harley custom called 'Kenilworth AM1'.

 He's also designed his own leathers based on the Cerne Abbas giant sculpture.

Cerne Abbas giant 

Grayson curated an exhibition at the British Museum called 'The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman' and there's a explanatory video here.
I think Grayson makes a valid point when he likens  the custom bike scene to 'traditional' crafts like making a suit of armour, in that craftsmen make something individual to order.
Grayson is also well known for his transvestism, so it might be better if he didn't turn up at a Harley rally on Kenilworth dressed as his alter ego, Claire!


  1. I think that bike is great, and would love to see the reactions of people as he roars past them. He is a pretty interesting artist, and impressive by the fact he was invited to curate that show. 'The Vintagent' ran a piece on him a while back, and it was interesting to see the reactions of some people to him and the bike. Definitely one of the more flamboyant bikers out there.

  2. I really like it as it shows someone 'thinking outside the box', and designing something beyond the 'normal' motorcycle design parameters. It's probably designed to stimulate discussion and make people think, and the fact that we're talking about it shows that it's been successful.
    I saw Grayson on a television programme (news comedy show 'Have I Got News For You')and he came across as a very intelligent and funny man, with a good understanding of current affairs; rather than the self publicising 'airy fairy' artist some people see him as.
    I think if some people are really upset about the bike (or even 'offended' - the 'buzz word' of the 'professional complainer'), then it says more about them than about Grayson.

  3. Well, of course, I adore this. Adoooooore it! The bike´s gorgeous (after all, it is a means of transport and women, gays and cross-dressers travel too) and the leathers cute, cute, cute. Also very "heritage," so what´s not to like? This man has it all, possibly even named Grayson after the famous Larry of "Shut that door" fame! Thanks for sharing Norrie, it put a bit of pink on your blog and made my day!