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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cannonball Run DVD

Back in January I posted about the Cannonball Run, a coast to coast run for classic bikes in the US. On the 'Return of the Cafe Racers' Facebook page, there was a link to the first 10 minutes of a DVD of this year's event:

DVD is available here, so start dropping hints as to what you want for Christmas!

(Note: If you're outside the US, check region code before buying for compatability with your player or computer.)

One of the good things about YouTube is the suggested videos at the side. There I found a video about American journalist/writer Cris Sommer Simmons and 'Team Effie' preparing her bike for the Run.

Unfortunately, although this video says 'part 1 of 5', I couldn't find the other four parts. Still loads of good bikes, and it's great to see machines like this actually being ridden on the road and not stuck away in some museum as exhibits.

***Update***     Found another video:

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