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Sunday, 4 November 2012

That's taking it too far.....

Something I've never really understood is why some people buy 'replica' helmets, do they think that passers by might mistake them for a famous bike racer? I can even remember when you could buy bike leathers (and very nasty cheap nylon anoraks), printed to look like those worn by famous racers, even down to having their names on the back.
Even more bizarre are motorcycle leathers made to look like someone from a film, especially when the character doesn't even ride a bike! Take a look at this website where you can buy leathers made to look like characters from Star Wars, Batman, etc.
One suit they used to do was based on the film 'Ironman'. I've not seen the film myself, but I assume the hero uses his superpowers to do people's ironing very quickly. Here's the charcter from the film:

And should you want to look a bit like him, here's the leathers:

Yes, quite! However, there's always someone who'll take it too far:

See what I mean.........

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