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Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday bike

Shock! Horror!! It's an American bike that's not a V-twin custom!

It's the Alligator!

An interesting US built bike with a Honda derived engine and a VERY low seat height, the Alligator is built by Dan Gurney Alligator Motorcycles Inc. Some of you might remember Dan as a racing car driver/constructor, and he's behind this project.
The engine is a fuel injected 710cc Honda single producing '70+ bhp', which coupled to the low weight (145 kg/320 lb) and low frontal area, should make for a reasonably fast bike. Cycle World tested one back in 2002, and it could do 0 - 60 mph (c. 100 km/h) in 3.1 seconds.
Interesting idea, and an alternative to 'super scooters', as the larger wheels should give more motorcycle like handling.

All of the original Honda engined versions have been sold, and the company is working on a version with an S+S engine.

I think this engine is 1640cc (100 cu. in.) so this one should be a bit more exciting!

Good to see a company trying something different.

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