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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sculpture corner

Good to see there's going to be an exhibition of the work of Scottish artist George Wyllie.


The 'Straw Locomotive' was built for the 'Mayfest' arts festival in 1987 and suspended from the Finniston crane in Glasgow, which had been built to load locomotives onto ships. It was only intended to be on display for the month long festival, but as birds had nested in it, it remained until the winter.

 It was then transported to the Springburn area of Glasgow and ceremonially burned by George on the site of a former locomotive factory as a piper played a lament. George always referred to himself as a 'scul?tor' as his work was intended to make people think, and as the train burned away, a large metal '?' was revealed. (I was there that night.)
I try and get along to the exhibition and post some photos.

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