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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A trip round the neighbours - Day 4, France

  1. Day 4: Today. Arrived in Cherbourg, France after a very long but calm voyage. Got off the boat very quickly and through French passport control in about a minute! My plan was to head to Tours using mostly back roads. I had to make a few detours due to roads closed due to resurfacing, plus taking a couple of random routes looking for fuel, but this just means I see places I would otherwise have missed. Weather was getting warmer and sunnier, and I had to stop to open vents on suit and helmet, put on sunglasses, and change to thinner gloves. A great ride and I saw 31 degrees on a roadside thermometer. Found my hotel easily enough, dropped off my luggage and went out for a walk. A very nice city, and pleasant to walk about on a warm evening. Heading South tomorrow!
 France coming into sight!

 Managed to get a 3 berth cabin to myself!

 You know how good a day has been when you've killed as many flies as this with your helmet!

 Now that's a proper railway station!

 Town hall

 Palace of Justice

For some people, the 60's never ended!

 Saw this walking about in the evening - Scorchio!

One thing I like about France is that you can park your bike on the pavement outside your hotel

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