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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A trip round the neighbours - Days 1 to 3, Ireland

Sorry for the delay in posting but I had no Wi-Fi access while I was in Ireland, and it took me 2 days to remember my password - I hadn't used my netbook for years and it wasn't programmed into it! I've been updating as I go along on Facebook, so below are copies of posts I made there:
  1. Day 1 was an easy ride from my house to the ferry port at Cairnryan, ferry to Belfast, then a ride to Ballacolla where I met up with various friends.

Waiting for the ferry at Cairnryan

Arriving in Belfast

.Day 2: Had a bit of a lazy day at Ballacolla. It was a bit wet, (although some people managed to go out for a run), I just hung around the hostel chatting to folk before a group of us headed to Abbeyleix for lunch and shopping. That evening, there was more chatting, telling tall tales, putting the world to rights, and all the usual things that go on when people get together. A couple of people played guitar and sang songs, and Pat presented a number of superb hand made awards.

 Heading out for a run!

 There was quite a lot of this!

 Pat handing out the awards

Sean giving us a song

Day 3: Packed up and said my goodbyes to all that had attended at Ballacolla. A great weekend and many thanks to all who attended and to those who put in all the work that made it such an enjoyable weekend. Most people were heading home, but I headed south to Rosslare for the ferry to France.

 Mike and I getting ready to leave

 Everything should be done The Norman Way!

All aboard the Oscar Wilde

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