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Sunday, 7 May 2017

New video camera

As I'm going on holiday in a couple of week's time (more about that later), I decided to splash out on a new video camera. After reading numerous reviews, I decided on a GitUp Git2 Pro.

As you can see, it's tiny! I bought it with a number of accessories, and even with its waterproof case it's very light and easy to wear on its chest strap.

As a test I rode round my village on my scooter. The 'raw' footage looks superb, but when you load it onto YouTube the quality drops a bit, but is still OK. As this was a test, I've turned the sound off.

I bought mine (with some accessories) on Amazon

Plus the optional microphone and remote control.

My idea is to mount the remote on the handlebars so I can start recording if I see anything interesting as I ride along. The microphone is of surprisingly good quality, but you can't use it when the camera is in its waterproof case, which in turn attaches it to all of the accessories, (unless you drilled a hole in the side of it). I could only imagine you'd want to do this is you intended doing commentaries as you rode along.

I'm very impressed with it, so am looking forward to making some 'on the road' films. Rather than post technical details, just watch this video from the superb Techmoan site:

GitUp website.

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