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Friday, 26 May 2017

A trip round the neighbours - Day 8, France

Another nice and sunny day with signs showing 26 degrees as I left Montlucon. Roads were still quiet and got more rural as I made my way to my next destination, Dijon. A good relaxed ride as it was a bit shorter than previous days so I could take my time and enjoy the view. By lunchtime it was up to 36 degrees and stayed about there for the rest of the day. On the way I saw more and more bikes with luggage heading my way, and plenty of them in the centre of Dijon.
This weekend is the 'Coupes Moto Legende' at Circuit Dijon-Prenoir, just outside the city. I'd attended 5 years ago, thought it was the best bike vent I'd ever been to, and thought it was time for another visit. More about that trip here.

My satnav mount repair lasted about three quarters of the way to Dijon before it came loose again. I've taped it up and it can stay that way until I get home. Also, an aftermarket clock fell off somewhere while I was riding along. One time I looked it was there, next time it was gone!

Got to Dijon in plenty of time to give me a good look around. This is my third trip to Dijon and I stayed in the hotel a group of us had stayed in on a trip 4 years ago. Here.

Went for a good wander round what is a very well preserved city, and paid a visit to the fine art museum in the old Dukes' Palace. Unfortunately, due to extensive renovations only a small part of the museum was open, and that was mostly dedicated to the dukes and medieval art. (Not really my area of interest).

I took some video whilst riding along but will probably wait until I get home before posting as it looks like it'll take too long on my old netbook and the internet connection I've got, so here's some photos from today.

 My bikes locked to a pole outside my hotel. My room is directly above on the 7th floor. If I see anyone trying to steal it, I can drop furniture on them! I looked out and it has been joined by 3 more bikes.

 Dijon is well known for its mustard and there are numerous shops selling lots of different types. This shop appears to specialise in a mixture of mustard and honey! Don't like the sound of that!

 Nursery and adjoining school named after US born entertainer, civil rights activist and spy Josephine Baker

 Dukes' Palace

 Dukes' Tombs

 A skeleton riding a moped in the window of a shop selling sunglasses!

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