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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Trip to Belgium and France – Day 10

Woke after a good sleep on what would be our last day abroad.
After a huge breakfast, we loaded our luggage onto the bikes. We'd arranged with the ever-helpful staff of the hotel to leave our bike clothes and helmets with them whilst we went for a last visit into town. On the way we even managed to buy oil in a bike shop despite not having a common language with the shop owner!
Bruges city centre was very busy due to the number of tourists and a large street market being held in one of the main squares. We all went our different ways to buy souvenirs and presents for people at home, arranging to meet back at the hotel.
I bought a few things then went for a wander around the city centre taking in the sights.
At almost the same spot as we'd met Donnie the night before, I bumped into him again! He was with his loaded bike and was having a last look round before going for the ferry.
The rest of us met back at the hotel, collected our bikes, and said fairwell to our hosts. From there it was just the 12 mile/20 km ride to Zeebrugge to get the ferry. As we were very early, we went to a beach bar mr combo and Gareth has discovered the year before, and sat about relaxing and chatting.
We'd parked our bikes outside, almost certainly illegally, but when a Police motorcyclist came past, he slowed to look at the bikes, gave us a polite nod, then rode off!
From there it was a short ride to the ferry terminal and onto the boat. The boat seemed a bit busier than the trip over and they had to use two separate areas of the hold for bikes, but we were soon relaxing in one of the bars. Tomorrow we just had the ride home and our holiday would be over.

 Cool sign on bike parking bay.

 Amazing what you find parked in sidestreets.

Waiting at the ferry terminal.

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