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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Trip to Belgium and France – Day 8

Start of our journey home and the longest day of our trip. I always feel that when you're heading home from a holiday, it's good to have a long day to 'break the back' of the journey. So we'd planned on getting to Metz today, a journey of around 360 miles / 580 km.
I managed to get separated from some of the others in busy traffic and ended up riding the journey by myself on main roads. Not really much to report other than it was a warm, sunny day, and at one service station there was this very large chess set!

This cat hung around tables at a service station hoping to get scraps. Always walked away when I tried to take its photo!

Song of the day:


  1. I´d have tried to adopt the cat ... cute one. You could´ve bought it a mini crash-helmet and biker jacket and popped it in the front basket. (Whadya mean you don´t have a front basket?).

    1. I'd have to get a cat version of these: