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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Trip to Belgium and France - Day 4

Remember I said something about avoiding motorways? Well, I left a bit later than planned this morning, so rode down the motorway for a while with the others. They stopped for breakfast, but as I knew I had a long day ahead of me, I headed on.
I took the rather boring motorway as far as Luxembourg, then rode through France on 'N' and 'D' roads so I would see more of the country. The weather was very sunny and I saw 30 degrees on my thermometer. I've always liked rural France, and it's a real joy to ride through the countryside on mostly deserted roads, passing through villages, and just catching the smell of the fields.
As I approached on village, I saw signs saying there was a classic car show. I stopped and there were about a dozen or so beautifully preserved cars on show at the end of a street which had been closed for a market. The market was for antiques/bric a brac/junk (well, mostly junk), but there was a very tatty Motobecane for sale. Don't know anything about it other than it was a prewar(?) two stroke with plunger suspension and a hand gearchange. AS you can see from the picture below, it looks like it's spent a lot of time abandoned, probably in a barn.
After that it was a pleasant ride to our next stop, Dijon. We were soon booked into our hotel and I went out to take some photos before it got too dark.
Tomorrow – the Alps!
(It looks like I'll have to wait until I get back before I post the rest of my pictures as both Flickr and Facebook don't seen to wan to upload pictures fom my netbook.)

                                                   Place de la Republique, Dijon

Nearly forgot, Song of the Day:

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