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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Trip to Belgium and France - Day 6

After all the riding we've done over the last few days, we were glad to spend some time off the bikes and explored Chambéry on foot. A very interesting city with a well preserved medieval city centre.

Just about every postcard of Chambéry features the 'sculpture with the elephants', so here's a photo.

Again it was a very hot, sunny day, and we saw 34° on one display.
We bought some things in a local supermarket and had a picnic lunch at tables outside our hotel.
By late afternoon, it had cooled a bit so some of us went for runs on our bikes. I explored some of the lower passes near Chambéry, and basically rode around at random seeking out interesting looking roads.

This was a good rehearsal for some of the higher passes I intend riding tomorrow.

Song of the day:

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