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Friday, 5 July 2013

Trip to Belgium and France - Day 2

Had a reasonable night's sleep on the ferry, so it was down to the restaurant for the 'all you can eat' breakfast. I saw an amusing incident – an woman in her 60s picked up a teacup and saucer, placed a teabag in it, then went to the drink dispenser that has pictures of fruit on it, and pressed the button marked 'Orange'. When orange juice and not the hot water she had expected was dispensed into her cup, she turned to her husband and proceeded to blame him for 'letting her do it'!
Suitably fed, we waited for the call down to the car deck to untie the bikes and ride out into Zeebrugge. We stopped at a nearby petrol station so the ones that were a bit late at Hull and didn't have time could fill up and headed towards our next destination – Liège.
I'd set my Sat Nav to 'no highways', so we would avoid the motorways and see a bit more of Belgium from the back roads. There were a number of deviations due to roadworks and traffic holdups, so we went on  some very back roads!
However, we realised a group of six bikes is really too much to keep together in traffic, so we split up and travelled by different routes. Stuart and Terry D made a detour to visit the battlefield at Waterloo, and spent a couple hours at the centre there.
We all eventually met up at the hotel we'd booked. This was right in the City Centre, so had plenty of places to see, and to eat and drink nearby. We had a good look round what is a very attractive city, and I'll take some photos tomorrow. No photos today as I'd left my camera switched on since yesterday and the battery was flat!
Today had started out a bit misty and overcast, but as the day went on it got brighter and hotter! Song of the day:

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