Tuesday 14 August 2018

Stolen bike

Saw this post by a German visitor who's bike was stolen. Please keep a look out for it.

Hello. My name is Heiner, I'm from Germany and my motorcycle is in the night of 05.08. was stolen from the Oxford Carpark in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 06.08.2018 while I slept in the hotel next door to take the ferry to Amsterdam. I had some nice days in England and Scotland before and unfortunately this trip had to end like this. Would it be possible to start a witness call, if someone has noticed something or if someone has my dull white BMW R 1150 GS or vllt the German license plate EL VG 14 has seen. It would also help if I could find the case that was still on the back. it is a black BMW suitcase. thanks a lot for your efforts

Owner can be contacted via Facebook here, or I can forward a message on to him.

Feel free to copy and post this message.

Monday 6 August 2018

Saturday 4 August 2018

GoPro found

Saw this posted on Facebook. A GoPro camera was found in Dornoch, Scotland. If anyone knows who's it is, contact me and I'll put them in contact with the poster.

Friday 3 August 2018

Friday bike (haven't had one of these for a while!)

Harley Davidson 1250 Pan American

Yes - A 1250cc watercooled  adventure sport bike from HD. They say it'll be available from 2020.

No doubt some of you will have some comments to make!