Sunday 29 May 2022

Language lessons

 For the last few years I've been attending Spanish classes nearby and, since the start of the Covid lockdown, online by Zoom. 

I had started the classes when some of my friends moved to Spain and I thought it would be useful to learn the basics of the language to use when I visited them. As it turned out, they returned to Scotland but I enjoyed the lessons so continued attending them and will hopefully be able to use what I've learned when I go to Spain on the bike later this year.

My teacher, Michael, has set up Facebook pages for learners of,





He also has a YouTube channel where he posts lessons in these languages.

Classes will be available on-line and face-to-face, bear in mind that Michael lives in Howwood, Renfrewshire so classes would be within a reasonable travelling distance. If you are interested, fill in this online form.

I've really enjoyed my classes, they are fun, you learn a lot, and are not too 'heavy' on grammar etc. Ideal for anyone planning on going on holiday to countries that speak those languages.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Glasgow 2022


Sunday was the day of the DGR so it was tweeds on and head into Glasgow with my friend Jane on the pillion. It had been raining overnight and the roads were still a bit damp when I got up but had cleared by the time I left and although it was a bit overcast, it didn't rain until hours after we were home.

We made our way to the start point at The Fort Shopping Centre in the East of Glasgow and waited for the other riders to arrive. Eventually, about 130 riders came and we set off through the city to our halfway stopping point at Glasgow Green. We stopped there for a while then headed off again to our final destination at West Coast Harley Davidson.

The DGR is sponsored by Triumph, but at the moment there is no actual Triumph shop in Glasgow. West Coast have the Triumph dealership but their new Triumph shop isn't open yet, so the event terminated at their Harley Davidson shop.

At the shop there was a food van, Jane's daughter Summer had baked cakes for the riders, and we were entertained by a young rockabilly band. Awards were given for Most Dapper Man, Most Dapper Lady, and Best Bike.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the organising and hosting of the event, and look forward to next year's


My donating page - still time to donate!

 Glasgow Ride page - currently at over £12,000

West Coast Triumph - coming soon

Best Bad Influence - band (e-mail) Facebook page

Some photos I took:

Yours truly at the start

This little James won Best Bike

Jane's son Curtis (age 4) on my bike

More photos here.

Video Jane shot from the back of my bike of the second half of the Ride - Glasgow Green to West Coast Harley Davidson.