Sunday 28 August 2016

Skorpion for sale

Since I've bought the Bonneville, I've really got too many bikes now (yes, that is possible!), so my white Traveller is for sale.

It's a 1998 MZ Skorpion Traveller, however I believe it was originally a Tour that has had the fairing and panniers added by a previous owner. I bought it about 8 years ago, but a change of circumstances meant that I didn't use it until April this year. During that period I started the engine regularly to circulate the oil, repainted the bodywork, and upgraded various bits on it. It passed its MOT (annual safety check) in April, and I have been commuting 30 miles (50 km) a day on it since. The speedo shows just under 33,000 miles (53,000 km), I've no reason suspect this isn't genuine.

It's got the original Hepco & Becker 30 litre panniers, which I've never used, they are a bit tatty and have been repainted and one has been repaired on the back, but this doesn't affect their use. It also has a home made luggage rack.

It has a good set of Avon RoadRider tyres and the front brake has been upgraded with a Brembo unit.

Other upgrades include:

       Yamaha TRX 850 headlight (better pattern and takes standard H4 bulbs).
       4 additional LED running lights (operated through switch on fairing)
       Rear LED foglight
       4 way hazard flashers
       Output socket for charging battery or attaching camping lights.
       Mirror extenders (homemade) so you can see behind you and not just your shoulders.
       Heated grips
       Clock that works! (Rare on a Skorpion)
       Digital voltmeter
       Scottoiler with double output and 'touring' tank that fits behind numberplate.
       LED rearlight
       Louder horns
Bad bits:

        Respray was done with aerosol cans so finish and durability won't be as good as a 'proper' respray.
        Wheels and rack are brush painted, so finish isn't great - won't corrode though!
        Wobbly tacho - they all do that!

Open to sensible offers before it goes on Ebay. If interested, e-mail me at:

If you're interested, bear in mind that I live about 15 miles (25 km) west of Glasgow. I'm about 5 miles (8km) from Glasgow Airport, so you could fly here and ride it home!

Any questions, just e-mail me.


Bike now sold.


Saturday 27 August 2016

Touring Bonnie

Fitted a set of Hepco and Becker luggage frames to the Bonneville today so I could fit the panniers and topbox I already had.

Also fitted my Sat Nav. Might change the location if I can't see the warning lights whilst riding.

Starting to get ready for a big trip! (Which probably won't be until next year).

Friday 26 August 2016

Friday bike

Ariel Ace

Ariel, famous for their Atom sportscar have now built a bike. The Ace uses a 1237cc Honda V4 engine with DCT (automatic gearbox).

Like the Atom, it makes a feature of its lattice frame.

266 km/h = 165 mph, £20,000 = 23,455 Euros = US$ 26,269

Friday 19 August 2016

Friday bike

2003 Triumph Bonneville T100

What’s so special about this bike? I’ve just bought it!


I’ve been riding only MZ Skorpions for 16 years now and fancied a change. I’ve always liked the Bonneville so when one came up at the right price....

Useful accessories like centrestand, fork gaiters, windscreen, heated grips, Scottoiler and after market shocks had been fitted by the previous owner.


It also has a rack, but I’m going to replace it with a Hepco & Becker rack and pannier frames so I can use the panniers I already have.


13893 miles = 22359 km - not a lot for a 13 year old bike.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Friday 12 August 2016

Friday bikes

These Police bikes

The City of Brighton and Hove in Sussex, on the South coast of England, is well known for its very welcoming and tolerant society. This has led to it being voted 'Happiest Place in Britain to Stay' in 2015, and the establishment of a very large LGBT community.
Every year in August there is the 'Brighton Pride' event which regularly attracts 160,000 visitors to the city, and last year Sussex Police decorated a Police car and bike to commemorate the event.

This led some criticism and accusations of 'wasting tax payers' money' (what? do LGBT people not pay tax?) so this year the head of Brighton and Hove Police issued this statement (like the rainbow shoelaces!)

And this is the van.
And they also decorated a second bike.

This is what I call 'community policing' - working with the local people and not against them.

In return, the people of Brighton and Hove crowdfunded the painting of the vehicles, thereby bypassing any 'wasting money' comments.

Saturday 6 August 2016

Friday bike

Velocette Vogue 1963 - 68

The Vogue was a sort of 'touring' version of Velocette's existing 'LE' model, and shared its 200cc, water cooled, sidevalve, boxer engine, complete with shaft drive. The bodywork was made of Glass Fibre, and the screen and panniers were options.

Unfortunately, it was more expensive than the similar and more powerful Ariel Leader, and only 400 examples were built during its 5 year production run.

It was very neatly finished with footboards and a car like dash, but the engine only produced 8 bhp which gave a top speed of around 60 mph/ 100 km/h.

Very rare now, I've never seen one other than in a museum, but it's an interesting example of a 'different' type of bike.