Monday 7 August 2023

Cropredy Convention 2023

 I'll be leaving on Thursday for this year's Cropredy Convention.

Interesting lineup, some of whom I've seen before, and some 'new' acts I'm looking forward to seeing. 

This year I'll be heading straight to the Convention then heading home afterwards, so as it's a particularly boring route I'll go in the car.

Weather for the weekend looks good with only a small chance of rain on Saturday (we'll see how that works out!)

 As It's a sunny day today I dug my tent out and put it up in the garden. It hadn't been out of its bag since last year, so needed an air and I wanted to check everything was OK. This tent is about 40 years old so it has held up well. 

Following on from my problems on the Retirement Trip, I've bought a new camera and a new phone, so I should have plenty of photos for you.