Saturday 14 July 2012

European Grand Ride 2011

Looking for information on my Honda, I came across the wonderful 'HondaTwins' forum. Lots of information on restoring Honda twins, and on it I found a link to a number of videos about a 7000km trip round Europe on a rebuilt 1969 Honda CB 450. The rider set out from Sweden and visited 15 countries in 5 weeks, and also wrote and performed the music.

Great to see touring in parts of Europe we Westerners don't usually go to. And before anyone asks - no, I'm not planning doing this on my Honda. On the Skorpion on the other hand.....


  1. Interesting forum, I like the way it is set up ...seems easy to navigate around in. Took a look at a CL 350 project there, and after seeing the mess his Cam tensioner stuff was in...eek! Since your bike has never been apart (for forty years was it?)maybe it might be a good idea to go through it. Gaskets and seals tend to age too, something I tend to forget about myself. He didn't think his bike had been apart, but it's possible it had been and someone forgot to tourque that cam bolt. At least from the pics it was the proper looking hardened bolt. (Something in my brain is trying to remember about those maybe there were two distinct types there...something to do with thread lengths..?or am I thinking of another model twin like a 175 twin? LOL...I think I need to run a clean-up scan on my memory banks.Hope he loctited that one when it went back together.
    Now I'll have to check out all those videos, Thanks.

  2. Thinking back on it,I believe one is a "shouldered" bolt and one is not and has more threads. Both bolts are finished with a blacker finish, and are supposed to be harder than a regular bolt. I remember we would occasionally take apart bikes and find the wrong bolts installed, luckily for the owners they had held up.

  3. Great find, I've been in most of these countries but the roads are better than I remember, maybe time to go back and see! Really enjoyed the clips!