Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another tick on the list

Bought a car today.

A 2002 Volvo V40. A bit sensible, but it's a nice car and the price was right. Low mileage.... full service history.... blah.... blah.......
It's got heated seats which means I can drive around in my Borat style 'mankini' without feeling chilly! Hold that thought in your heads, ladies!


  1. The gold disco pants were bad enough, but a Borat "mankini"???????????

    The horror, the horror!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha...I sometimes wish my car was a station wagon, nice looking ride.

  3. I'm very happy with it, and I having had what you call a station wagon for so many years through work, I didn't really want to go back to an 'ordinary' car. I think it's interesting that in most English speaking countries, except Britain, this is called a station wagon, where we tend to say 'estate car'. When I was young, older people would sometimes call them 'shooting brakes', which conjures up images of groups of wealthy people going out grouse shooting on their country estate.
    However, I've now been told that these are starting to be refered to as 'a tourer' or even 'a touring'! Bring back the days when cars like this had wood on the sides!

    1. That is interesting. Wonder if the term comes from early car days, when a Model 'T' would come with a specially built body for rail yard delivery work, or some such.Have to look into that. 'Woodies' are making a comeback, saw a custom car magazine article on a shop that is creating custom Woodies.Kind of funny that the wood eventually became 'wood-grained' sheet metal...and then eventually vinyl stick-on panels. In the '50's my dad had a 1954 Ford wagon that a family of 5 could comfortably camp out of.

  4. That phrase does remind you of grouse shoots.

    Back when I worked in a paint warehouse in Banbury, one of the directors who was a bit of a toff referred to them as shooting brakes.

    Of course the firm also use Renault and Peugots to deliver as well as Leyland Commer and Tranny's.