Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Skorpion handlebar mod (part 1)

After having talked about it for at least a year, I decided to modify the bars on my Traveller today.
The problem is that they are slightly low. I've had the bike for over 13 years, but it's only in the last couple of years that this has become a problem, so I must be getting older! I've started to get get pain in my wrists on long runs, so the bars will have to come up a bit. Other Skorpion riders have found this problem and there are a number of solutions.
I decided to try a set of 'Helibars' after finding a used pair cheaply on Ebay. The pair I have are for a BMW K1300S, but numerous others from their range would have done.  They are not cheap new, (UK supplier), (US supplier), but mine were only £50.
As you can see, they are alloy bars that fit onto the standard bar mounts and give an 'offset' that allows you to reposition the bars higher and/or closer to you.

I was worried whether the cables and wires would be long enough, so I did a 'dry fit' on my white Traveller as it has its bodywork off at the moment, so it would be easier to reroute cables if required. (Also, I might take my silver Traveller out for a 'traditional' New Year's Day run and I didn't want to have to refit the standard bars in the morning). All the cables and wires turned out to be OK, except for the brake hose that was a little tight. When I changed my front brake, I had the hose made 60mm longer to allow the bars to be raised.

Everything fitted on fairly easily.
And you can see the raise on the bars.

I'll have to drill holes for the switchgear locating pegs, and as my Silver bike has a non standard clutch lever (CCM R30), and master cylinder (Cagiva Mito), they will need a bit more 'fitting'.
I'll be fitting a pair of genuine Honda heated grips from an ST1300 'Pan European'. These are about 10mm longer than the Skorpion grips, but there's enough room on the bars. (Controller visible in above picture), and I've got a pair of R&G barends specially made for the BMW.
Just sitting on the bike it feels a lot more 'natural' and hopefully more comfortable over long runs. I'll report back later!

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  1. Same reason I went with some bars with a bit of rise on my SL 350. The stubby Dunstall 'clip ons' looked race-y...but weren't really kind to my ageing back. Looks like a good mod for your bike. I had a Kaw GPZ 750 that could have used some bars like that.